Introducing AmpliFi Instant

Whole-Home Wi-Fi Coverage in Under 2 Minutes

Meet the newest member of the AmpliFi family- AmpliFi Instant! AmpliFi Instant takes 2 minutes to setup and delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi to your entire home.

With a fast setup time, AmpliFi Instant is the perfect mesh Wi-Fi solution for any apartment, condo, or single-family home. AmpliFi Instant brings the benefits of mesh Wi-Fi to you at the most accessible price point in the category, at only $99.99 (USD) for the Router and $179.99 (USD) for the Router and MeshPoint kit.

AmpliFi Instant maintains AmpliFi’s high standard of networking technology, utilizing 802.11ac Wi-Fi with both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz radios. The AmpliFi Instant Router features dual-band radios, a WAN port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port, while the MeshPoint features a Gigabit Ethernet port. Its simple and compact design can seamlessly blend into your home decor and be set on any flat surface for optimal Wi-Fi coverage. AmpliFi Instant also utilizes the intuitive AmpliFi app for instant setup, configuration, powerful reporting metrics, parental controls, remote access, and easy guest access. The mobile app is available for download on Android and iOS smartphones.




As your home becomes increasingly connected, your Wi-Fi systems need to be able to handle it. It’s time to get AmpliFi Instant today and experience better, faster, instant Wi-Fi!

You need simple, hassle-free Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi doesn’t have to be a complicated. With the AmpliFi Instant Mesh Wi-Fi system, you can have fast and reliable Wi-Fi  in 2 minutes. Bring the power of mesh technology to your home with a simple setup and Wi-Fi capacity to handle all your connected devices.

Get the features you actually want from a system you can understand.

The AmpliFi Instant has the features you want, like device status and guest access, with a simple interface that doesn’t require advanced technical degrees. Its glowing LED light indicates the system status while the AmpliFi App puts you in control of your WiFi.

Say hello to a fresh design aesthetic.

And goodbye to trying to discreetly hide your router. You need your router where you use your devices the most; like your office, family room or bedroom. The AmpliFi Instant is designed to complement your home’s interior both functionally and aesthetically. Now you can place your router on your desk, side table or nightstand without messing up your home’s feng shui.

There’s an App for that…and it’s really easy to use.

The AmpliFi app allows you to configure and check on your network from home or remotely. Manage devices by pausing or scheduling internet use and control who uses your Wi-Fi with guest access features. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool to control your internet.

We want to give you Wi-Fi that meets your needs.

Mix and match your mesh technology to strengthen Wi-Fi signals to the areas of your home you need it the most. In addition to the AmpliFi Instant kit, which features an Instant MeshPoint, you can add AmpliFi HD MeshPoints or AmpliFi HD routers to ensure complete coverage.

Made by experts, tested by our grandmas.

The AmpliFi Instant is a system designed by Ubiquiti Labs, a division of Ubiquiti Networks, a global leader in developing high-grade networking equipment. Our products are deployed in over 180 countries and handle complex networks like stadiums, hotels and long distance communications across mountains. However, we have families and know the importance of having Wi-Fi that is easy to understand and use. That’s why we have hand-picked our product testers from the very best- our grandmas! We want to guarantee you get a system you can use and you will love. AmpliFi Instant is made by Wi-Fi experts, designed for everyday consumers, and is an accessible mesh Wi-Fi system that anyone can use.

Get Faster Wi-Fi Today!

Both the AmpliFi Instant kit (Router and MeshPoint) and standalone Router will be available online at, Amazon and Best Buy.


AmpliFi Instant Kit (AFI-INS)

Retail: $179.99 USD

Includes: Router and MeshPoint


AmpliFi Instant Router (AFI-INS-R)

Retail: $99.99 USD

Includes: Router


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