Secure networking is now available to all AmpliFi users anywhere in the world with the AmpliFi Teleport App

AmpliFi users already enjoy the benefits of secure, private whole-home mesh Wi-Fi and now they can securely connect to that same home network while away with the AmpliFi Teleport app.

The AmpliFi Teleport app is a unique VPN software that protects users’ data and online presence by granting secure access to their home AmpliFi network, tunneling connections back to the home and masking the IP address. Unlike traditional VPN services, AmpliFi Teleport is based on 1:1 connectivity making it more reliable where VPN servers that host many connections are blocked. Users simply tap and connect to their home network – no hassle. The AmpliFi Teleport application is free to all AmpliFi users!

Take your AmpliFi Home Network with you wherever you go.

Access to your home network from anywhere in the world and enjoy the comforts of home with the AmpliFi Teleport app. Watch local programming and content, video call and connect with family or check your smart home security from your iOS or Android device. Using the intuitive app design you can remotely control when and where you use your home network. Public Wi-Fi, hotspots or even just at a relative’s house, the app gives you simple, secure and convenient access to your home network. 

Secure your network while traveling.

The AmpliFi Teleport app securely encrypts the network connection on your device to guard your private data and protect you from hackers. It does this by creating a tunnel from your iOS or Android device to your home network, securely passing information between the two networks while masking your device’s IP location. This gives you the freedom to use public or hotspot connections without the threat of privacy invasion. 

Your home Wi-Fi is protected, why shouldn’t your network away from home be protected too?

Browse online news at your local coffee shop.

Polish off a work presentation while waiting for your flight at the airport.

Watch from your database of movies at your hotel room.

Use mobile payment methods and online banking while running errands.

Share your network with your friends and family.

You don’t have to have an AmpliFi router to enjoy the benefits of a secure home network. AmpliFi users can grant access to friends and family to use their network through the AmpliFi app. Share the benefits of Teleport with your family members that lives abroad or with loved ones that are traveling. Secure networking is now available to everyone.

How to share:

Have your friend/family member download the AmpliFi Teleport app on their iOS or Android device. Go into your AmpliFi app and generate an access code from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner. You can set a duration limit (limit how much time they have to initiate the code) and device limits (limit how many devices can use the code). You can activate the code by toggling to “On” at the bottom of the screen. Use the sharing option to send the code to your friend/family member. The friend/family member can then enter the code in the AmpliFi Teleport app to initiate the connection and gain access to the secure network.

Done sharing? AmpliFi users can go into their AmpliFi app and view what devices are using the secure connection and remove unwanted devices at any time. “Bye Felicia, it’s time you got off my network.” 

Security is back in your hands.

AmpliFi is committed to helping protect you and your family from harmful network threats, both at home and away. The AmpliFi Teleport app puts security back in your hands by allowing you to guard yourself from hackers and network intruders. Secure your network while using your iOS or Android device, free of charge, with no subscription or one-time fees. Whether you are a frequent traveler, a one-time traveler or just running errands around town, the AmpliFi Teleport app is available to help ensure your network security.

How to set up AmpliFi Teleport: 

1. Update your AmpliFi router and existing AmpliFi app.

2. Download the new AmpliFi Teleport app. This can be on your own device or whatever app-enabled device you plan to use AmpliFi Teleport.

3. In the AmpliFi app*, tap the drop down menu located on the upper left hand corner and select the “Generate Code” option to create a secure code to your AmpliFi network. From there, you can set a duration length (how long the device has time to connect before the code expires) and limit on the number of devices that can use the code.

4. Toggle the switch at the bottom of the screen to “On” to receive the connection code. You can then send the code via the “Share Code” option to anyone you want or use the code on your own device. 

5. Once the code has been generated, switch over to the AmpliFi Teleport app and enter the code in the prompt. Your device will begin to connect to your AmpliFi home network and you’ll receive a prompt and notice an icon at the top of your device letting you know it is activated.

*You will need to enable “Remote Access” to generate code.

AmpliFi Teleport will work with any AmpliFi router system.

Purchase an AmpliFi mesh router starting at $99 at, Best Buy and Amazon now to begin accessing a secure connection from anywhere in the world. The AmpliFi Teleport app is free to download and available on Google Play, iOS and Android TV. For more details, visit 

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